Art Clearance Sale

Hello Everyone!  Would really appreciate your help in spreading this message
I’m having a clearance sale in my art store. All artwork is 50% off, pretty good deal if you ask me :) Why? I’m changing the way I work in the near future and will be creating larger pieces and work based on research I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. Smaller work will only be available for commissions or specific projects.
So in order to make this happen I would love to match my art with art lovers. If you are one, please visit my store and share it with anyone you think will be interested. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me. Thank you!
Images of Black Women series
Images of Black Women series

Mes de la Etnia Negra (Black Ethnicity Month) in Panama

About a week I was part of some beautiful events celebrating Panamanian Black Ethnicity month. From the Afro-Artistic Gala and Auction, the African Fashion Festival and the AfroFestival, I shared space with amazing musicians, artists, designers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Learned a lot from those three events and will be making some changes to how I work and put my art out there. This experience got me thinking a lot about how much I want to grow as an artist and where I want to accomplish in the next couple of years. Starting with posting more often, I hope to share more of my work in the near future.

Mes de la Etnia Negra Activities
Mes de la Etnia Negra Activities

Faces in The Crowd Series

In Panama it’s easy to stand out when having natural hair. Especially when the norm is to change and manipulate afro textured hair using chemicals. It’s interesting to see how different styles are being adopted/ embraced and the way women and men are finding their own sense of identity through their hair.
These small portraits were created with the intention of addressing questions I still have about hair and personal identity and how others view the chosen hairstyle. Questions about beauty canons, what is perceived as acceptable in a “professional” environment, “exotic” hairstyles and other situations come up as well.


Faces in The Crowd Series
Faces in The Crowd Series, graphite on paper, 5 x 6 in
Faces in The Crowd Series
Faces in The Crowd Series, graphite on paper, 5 x 6 in

Currently Working On …

I’ve been working on small… mini portraits of black men and women exploring different features and hairstyles. There will be quite a few of them and I will share some more information on them in a few. In the meantime here’s an image of the first one.

Faces in the Crowd No.1
Faces in the Crowd No.1, graphite on paper

Helping Those in Need Through Art

Helping those in need through art. 15% of every artwork purchased will go to “Nutre Hogar”, a private organization here in Panama created in 1988 by Monseigneur Romulo Emiliani and a group of volunteers to prevent severe malnutrition in children in the most impoverished communities in the country. The organization’s health, nutrition, sanitation and environmental protection programs benefit more than 5,000 preschoolers and their families daily at a national level. 

Your purchase will help many children and families have healthier food options that would otherwise be difficult to have access to.

Please visit my online store here: As pieces are sold, new ones will be added to the store.


New Website Coming Soon

I’ve been using this blogging platform for a bit over a year to publish my process and progress with my artwork. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it in a consistent basis. I’ve taken some time to get organized, really think about the path I wish to take and how I wish to travel that path. So the time has come to move my work to a space I hope allows me to be share more often and build relationships with those who choose to tag along.

I’ll be sharing the website link soon and hope those of you have been reading my posts so far come and visit often.  In the meantime you can visit my Facebook page to see what’s new.

Sketchbook drawings (2014), Giana De Dier
Sketchbook drawings (2014), Giana De Dier

In Retrospect: Seeds

Early last year I planted some tiny little seeds. The bloomed weeks later producing beautiful and colorful portraits which I really enjoyed working on. This was a personal project I would really like to expand on sometime soon, not only as graphite portraits but with other mediums as well.
These works were inspired in the Panamanian conga pollera. Beautiful, strong and colorful part of our Isthmian heritage and folklore.
The following posts will take you through the process of creating this series.
Seeds - Work in Progress
Seeds – Work in Progress
Seeds - Work in Progress
Seeds- Work in Progress
Seeds (II) - Giana De Dier
Seeds (II) – Giana De Dier